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Agility Puppy Socialization Family Obedience Rally-O


Note:  new rates effective April 2013!


Puppy Socialization

Classes are on-going Sunday Evenings at 7:30 please call ahead for your first week

$20.00 per week (5 weeks recommended)

Designed specifically for puppies age 8-16 weeks, this class is invaluable for building foundation social skills for your puppy. Puppies learn to interact with other dogs in a safe, clean and supervised environment. Puppies will begin to learn basic behaviors. Owners are encouraged to bring with them, questions about bringing up their new puppy. Instruction is provided for basic puppy care (i.e., nail trimming, grooming, toy selection etc.).




Foundation Skills: Level 1

$130.00 (6 weeks) Monday and Thursday Evenings 6:30pm or 7:30pm options available  call to register 468-0207

This is our foundation class for all our canine programs. This is our introductory class for both puppies and older dogs who need to learn the basics. Skills covered are: sit, down, recalls, leave it, focus, tricks, and a fun introduction to jumping and tunnels to build confidence and coordination.
Graduates of Foundations can move on to Foundation Games to begin building sports skills or Foundation Skills to solidify their skills and work toward their Canine Good Neighbour title, therapy dog work, or just being a wonderful and polite companion!

Foundation Skills: Level 2

Check out the calendar for available start dates
This 6 week class is designed for graduates of Foundations or graduates of similar courses. This class will build on skills taught in Foundations and the goal is to build our dogs into well mannered companions that are welcome anywhere and even ready to move into therapy work or gain their Canine Good Neighbour title! Skills include: Go to your mat, polite greetings, increased time, duration and distractions for stays, recalls with distractions, controlled walking, and more tricks and games getting them ready for the Agility Skills program. This class is a pre-requisite for our Agility program.

Agility Skills: Level 1

Pre-Requisite:  Foundation Skills Level 2

$120.00 (6 weeks)

This 6 week class is designed for graduates of Foundations or graduates of similar courses. This is our introduction to dog sports and will prepare you and your dog for an exciting and successful career in agility, Rally or competition obedience.
Skills covered will include: creating drive and focus, tricks, advanced targeting work, tunnels, jumping skills, controlled walking, introduction to heeling, retrieving, recalls with distractions, sphinx downs, and advanced stays.

Agility Skills Level 1 and 2 are prerequisites for our sports classes.

Agility Skills: Level 2

This 6 week class is designed for graduates of Agility Skills 1. This class builds on skills taught in Level 1 and also introduces: wait proofing, advanced recalls, tuck sits, scoot fronts, rear end awareness, send aways, circling, heeling and set ups, and more great tricks and games!

It Takes Two to Pull         Next class scheduled for fall of 2013

$65.00 (4 weeks)

Is walking your dog a drag? Then this is the class for you! This four week course will outline important leash laws that you and your dog can live with. Once our skills are established, we will take our dogs 'on the road' to increase reliability. You and your dog will discover the Sweet Spot, focused walking for high traffic areas, and twill weak your relationship so your dog will be with you physically and mentally.

Reliable Recall Next class scheduled for fall of 2013

$75.00 (4 weeks) Have your dog come when called the first time, every time, no matter where he is or what he is doing! This four week course will teach you the three important elements to a reliable recall: Management, Relationship and Systematic Training.

The recall command is the one command that can save your dog's life...this course is a must for any dog that doesn't always come when called.

Agility Classes

Instructor:  Brenda Juskow